Marshal Szyndlar

Co Founder/Head Coach
CF L1 Certified

I grew up in a very physical lifestyle, being one of 5 boys. Trying any physical activity I was exposed to at the time pond hockey, karate, running, swimming, biking, climbing, wrestling, the push game, and anything that could challenge me physically. During my high school career, I was a varsity letterman in football, basketball, and baseball. During my senior year, I would focus on just playing baseball, in the hopes of going on to pitch in college. My college baseball career was cut short when I blew my knee out playing pickup basketball in the fall semester of my freshman year. Before I could even jog again, I started coaching as a hitting and pitching instructor at Frozen ropes in Danbury CT. I soon found my new passion in performance coaching and months after starting at Frozen Ropes I found Crossfit! My first WOD was “Grace”. It took me about 8 minutes to finish the 30 reps of hell but from that point on I was hook’d! Fast-forward 3 years. I have worked in multiple gyms across Connecticut (Healthtrax Fitness and wellness, Crossfit Oakville/IAP and Crossfit Hook’d). Not a day goes by that I am not reading and listening to different Crossfit, strength and conditioning and movement coaches on the greatest and latest information on anything and everything performance and fitness. Crossfit has changed my life, I am much stronger and faster than I have ever been. More disciplined and healthier! I am very grateful to wake up everyday with a passion to learn and grow, and help others learn and grow as well. The manifestation of my life in crossfit has lead me to follow my heart and see through to my dream in opening Crossfit Override with my two best friends.