Eric April

Co Founder/Head Coach
CF L1 Certified

I graduated from the UConn School of Business in 2016. After graduation, I began interning at Integrated Athletic Performance as a trainer and that is where I ultimately found CrossFit.

Growing up in athletics my entire life, it was only right that I pursued a career in fitness. Exercising is something that has helped shape me (physically and mentally) into the person I am today. I was immediately drawn into CrossFit because it was something new, and different. What I like about it most is there is ALWAYS something to work on. It’s an exercise program that’s humbling, but at the same time gives you confidence as you watch your fitness level grow year after year. After doing CrossFit for a few years, I was certain I wanted to combine the passion I had for fitness with my formal education from UConn and open up a CrossFit gym.

My goal is to help people live a healthy and capable life and owning a CrossFit gym has given me the platform to do so.