Sarah has been a member at CFO since October of 2018 and has been an easy choice for the member spotlight award. She was thrown into the fire on her very first day with the benchmark workout “Grace.” Just as she stepped up then, she has continued to meet every challenge with a smile and has made a ton of progress both in and out of the gym. From back squat PRs, to 50 unbroken double unders, to losing over 30lbs, Sarah has truly crushed it on all levels!!!

So what brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

“Hannah and Zach have been trying to get me into CrossFit for years!!  I was always afraid I wasn’t good enough or fit enough. I used to give the excuse, let me lose some weight and then maybe I’ll join. I used to be really fit and played sports my whole life, all the way through college. The stress of life hit me hard after college, I put on a lot of weight and working out just never felt the same anymore. After trying what felt like everything, I finally agreed to go and I’m extremely happy I did!”

What is your favorite part of Override?

“All the people!!  The coaches and all the members were all so welcoming and encouraging!  Everyone is always cheering each other on and just having fun. Even if I feel like I had a terrible day, I know I can walk into that gym and within minutes I’m laughing and my day is so much better!”

What was your first “Bright Spot” or Gym PR?

“I think my first big Bright Spot moment was when I lost all the weight!  Working with Eric on my nutrition and seeing the results just blew my mind!!  I know a lot of people will say that I was the reason I lost the weight, I took control of what I ate and stuck to a plan, but I honestly give a lot of credit to Eric! He gave me the guidance and kept me accountable throughout it all, and I’m super grateful for his help!”

What’s your favorite Override memory?”

“I think this will probably be obvious, a lot of people still bring this up today, but the 245 pound squat!! I never knew I had that in me, and I’m excited for the next max out day to see if I can beat that!”

Sarah is a delight in class always looking on the bright side and never backs down. Sarah is every coach’s dream if you asked her what the secret is…her famous response “I don’t know I just do it.” She’s the next big Nike athlete you have never heard of.