Robert started out as the one of the lone males in our 6am group and ohh you betcha the ladies put him through the ringer. Yet he weathered the storm, stuck it out and now is one of the majority. #GuysRule

As Robert puts it…

“My wife bought me a two week trial for my birthday. I was a casual runner but wanted something more to get in shape. I had heard that CrossFit was a great way to get hurt, but Nick, Marsh and Eric emphasized doing the movements correctly as opposed to just lifting heavy.”

“Once I established a baseline I was surprised to see just how weak I was across the board. As I began to track the workouts the small incremental changes were stacking up. I was hitting a personal best in at least one exercise almost every week. It was the number of weeks that made the difference.”  

“One year after I started, I did my first team competition. It was a blast! My favorite Override memory though is having my wife and daughter there to cheer me on during my first Murph. It was a good day.”

Robert’s consistency and dedication are two of the biggest contributors to his continued success. It’s been a true joy getting to watch him progress and we wish him the best as he moves back home to be with his family in Nebraska!! GOOD LUCK ROBERT!!