I’m sure most of you know her, but in case you don’t, Kim is usually the one breaking it down on the “dance” I mean gym floor. Her energy is contagious and she always brings a smile to class. Not to mention she’s a pretty good poet! 

So how’d you get started at Override? 

“I was looking for a place to get fit and joined another gym for a year and never went once.  My daughter told me about it because she saw it when she was working for the train.  She thought I might like it. At first I was very intimidated and questioned whether or not I would be good enough to do the workouts. I also did not know if anyone would talk to me or help me.”

“Over time, I came to realize that there are many levels of fitness at the gym and everyone has their own short and long term goals. The coaches are there to modify for you no matter what the exercise is or why you need it.  It is like having a gym membership and personal trainer all at once!” 

“My first accomplishment was the box jump! Oh boy, that was terrifying the first time. Now I’m working on strict pull ups and handstand push ups!”

“My favorite Override memory has to be the time that Marshall told me I had to pay $1 to have a plastic cup to drink out of and I paid him!  He let me in on the joke (and gave me back my money), but I still have the plastic cup, wrapped in duct tape and almost 2 years old!!”